Automated Coil Vending System

Are you looking for a way to dramatically increase efficiencies and accuracies while reducing costs in your Kanban system production process?

Jak-Supply by Jak Global Solutions is a plug-and-play system that will quickly and easily automate your Kanban system by tracking materials via RFID technology.

Jak-Supply’s RFID tracking provides for the most accurate, easiest, and quickest resupply of parts used in production.

And best yet, Jak-Supply integrates with all of the inventory benefits of Jak Global Solutions best in industry proprietary software.

  • Traditional Coil Vending System
  • Available in Multiple Sizes
  • State of the art Electronics
  • Motor Coupling and Home Position
  • Guaranteed Delivery System
  • Optional Integrated Bar Code Scanner
  • Optional User Badge Reader
  • Industry Best 3 Year Warranty

Find out how Jak-Supply can quickly and simply automate your Kanban system, contact us today!

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