Automated Inventory Storerooms

How do you find the perfect balance between fully-manned inventory storerooms and the chaotic “free for all” approach? Fully staffed systems are very costly and inefficient at providing workers with the right tools when they are needed, and unmanned inventory storerooms result in overconsumption, waste, theft, and running out of stock.

Affordable and Automated Inventory Solutions

Fortunately – Jak Global Solutions has the answer. Introducing Jak-Crib, a cost-effective, highly efficient, and easy to install storage system that provides near-autonomous use 24/7.

With controlled access only permitting authorized employees into the storage room, and a self-checkout system utilizing bar codes or RFID tags and labels – Jak-Crib allows employees the freedom to get the things they need to get the job done…

All while admins maintain a tight control over everything being used in real-time from anywhere in the world via computer or App.

With 4-32 motion-sensing cameras in each storeroom tracking employees’ movements and hand motions, you’ll have unprecedented accuracy when it comes to what’s in your stock.

Automated Inventory Storage Containers and Trailers

Want this level of control for your containers and trailers too? Jak-Port adds universal fit gate and fencing to Jak-Crib. The result? Your ability to convert containers into automated inventory storerooms!

Discover the full range of benefits of Jak-Crib and Jak-Port; contact us today.

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