High-Tech, Portable, Automated Inventory Management

Jak-InfinityCrib and Jak-Fleet

We believe that poor inventory management can quietly & rapidly implode an entire organization…especially in today’s challenging economy. Adding industrial vending and automating your inventory management dramatically reduces waste, inefficiencies, and costs.

Jak-InfinityCrib will automate your entire inventory management and process overnight with an affordable plug & play system.

In addition, Jak-InfinityCrib enables unlimited users the capability to manage inventory, submit, fulfill & receive orders remotely. Perfectly positioning your company to operate smoothly & safely. Get the power of systems that normally costs tens of thousands of dollars for a mere 1/10th a fraction of the cost.

And for inventory & durable goods transported in repair or delivery vehicles, our battery-powered Jak-Fleet offers all the functionality of Jak-InfinityCrib on the go with cellular connectivity, turning any vehicle into an automated inventory on the go storeroom.

Benefit from automated tracking of tools, inventory & transactions monitored remotely from anywhere in the world 24/7.

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Discover the full range of benefits with Jak-InfinityCrib & Jak-Fleet. Two low-cost & powerful, portable, plug n play automated inventory control solutions.

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