Industrial Vending Solutions

Industrial vending has exploded in popularity in just a few short years to the point that if you are not offering vending to your customers, you are at a great risk of losing them.

The problem, though, is vending equipment is extremely expensive to purchase and maintain. Vending machines were originally designed to dispense concession items like candy and sandwiches. They are full of thousands of complex mechanical parts, taking up a huge chunk of space and creating a high cost of acquisition, servicing, and maintenance.

How Does Jak Global Solutions Help?

Enter Jaxk Global Solutions. Our industrial vending equipment and inventory management software has been designed by industrial distributors for industrial distributors. Jak Global Solutions’ proprietary software and technology eliminates the need for complex mechanical components. The result being the most reliable and lowest cost vending solutions globally. One Jak Global Solution unit can hold the same amount as two to four traditional machines and offers industry-best, ease of use, and service.

Improve Your Vending and Lower Your Costs

Find out how you can dramatically lower your cost of vending, contact us today!

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