Infinitely Automate Your Inventory Management

Infinitely Automate Your Inventory Management

Jak Global Solutions is your go-to industrial vending solutions provider. If you’re looking to reduce costs and increase efficiencies in your business, then you’re in the right place! Our innovative products, like the Jak-InfinityCrib, help our customers automate their inventory management and inventory flow.

What is the Jak-InfinityCrib?

The Jak-InfinityCrib is a high-tech, portable, automated inventory management machine that offers infinite possibilities! Designed and built to fit any facility and any budget, this little box has a ton of power- it can handle an infinite number of products or SKUs!

Mobile Inventory Management

When we say the Jak-InfinityCrib has endless possibilities, we mean it – it can even be used on the go with the Jak-Fleet! Convert any vehicle into a mobile automated inventory storeroom. Any time a company has materials that are flowing in and out of a vehicle that they would like to keep track of, the Jak-InfinityCrib converted to the Jak-Fleet is an optimal solution!

Learn More About Automating Your Inventory Management

If you are interested in learning more about the Jak-InfinityCrib or any of our other world-class industrial vending solutions, contact us today!

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