Manage Your Storeroom with the Jak-Port

What is the Jak-Port?

The Jak-Port is a revolutionary storeroom solution that can integrate with any exiting trailer or Conex container into an automated and secure inventory storeroom. With the Jak-Port, you can manage your inventory by tracking the product that is being dispensed.

Control Over Product Dispensing

An issue that many facilities face is having zero control over the product dispensing from their storeroom. With no checks or balances, it can be hard to manage your product inventory properly.

Increase Storeroom Space

Another problem many facilities experience is not having enough storeroom space for their inventory. In facilities that have maintenance outages or turnarounds, etc., where they have a bunch of product going into the facility, but they don’t have enough storeroom space to place the product, you’ll see a Conex being utilized as a storeroom solution.

Why Choose the Jak Port?

The Jak-Port is a very unique product that provides value to a lot of different industries and a lot of different markets. Jak-Port can travel with any container or be relocated to a different container/job site.

Overall, this solution allows you to get control of that material, be able to track and trend out those products, and have visibility to the products that are actually being used.

Learn More About Industrial Vending Solutions

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