Turnkey Vending Team (TVT)

Imagine walking through a facility and all the vending systems you see are now yours branded with your logos for all to see. You now OWN the customer and that fact smacks your competitors in the face every day. You’ve found that facility’s needs, provided state of the art solutions your competition doesn’t offer, solved your customer’s pains, and positioned them for long-term sustainability and profitability.

Contract/Outsource Jak’s Turnkey Vending Team (TVT) to handle the selling, installation, training, ongoing support, and service/repairs to your customers regarding everything vending. You get a team of vending/inventory management experts for a fraction of the cost of 1 entry-level employee.

You will be able to offer FREE vending systems at no net cost to you or generate NEW PROFITS by leasing the equipment offering low monthly payments to your customers and prospects. You merely provide the opportunities with existing customers and prospects and Jak’s TVT handles all the rest.

TVT Process

  • Customer/Prospect Opportunity &
  • Facility Analysis
  • Identification of Inefficiencies, Needs, & Pains
  • Pairing with Optimal Proprietary
  • Equipment & Software Solutions
  • Win the Business
  • Install the Systems
  • Train Your Customers
  • Ongoing Service & Support

TVT Deliverables Provided Both In-Person and Virtually

  • Training of your Sales Team
  • Joint Calls/Facility Inspections
  • Software & Equipment Demos
  • ROI Computation & Pricing Analysis
  • Quote Preparation and Closing
  • Logistics and Shipping of Equipment
  • Installation of Equipment
  • Integration of Software
  • Customer Training & Ongoing Support

Benefits to Distributors

  • Win New Customers
  • Increase Revenues & Profits with
  • Existing Customers
  • Create Firewall Against Competition
  • Eliminate Customer Pains
  • Enhance Customer Relationships
  • Become a True Solutions Provider
  • Improve Corporate Image & Legitimacy
  • Ability to Offer Free Vending
  • Profit from Sale/Lease of Vending

Benefits to Facilities

  • Automation of All Inventory & Material Flow
  • Tracking of Consumables as well as Durable Goods and Tooling
  • 100% Ongoing Transparency of All Vendor Fulfillment & Product Pricing
  • 24/7 Worker Access to All Materials
  • Reduce Waste, Over Consumption, and Theft
  • Reduce Safety Stock and Eliminate Stockouts
  • Reduce Overhead & Inventory Costs
  • Increase Efficiencies, Profits, & Sustainability
  • Realtime 24/7 Remote Access, Custom Data Collection & Report Generation of:
    • Inventory Consumption and Re-Orders
    • Costs of All Products from All Vendors
    • User Transactions
  • Secure State of the Art Video Recording of All Transactions


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